Building a sustainable business is no easy feat. The blueprint and needs of your business are specific to how far you’ve come along. This is why we offer a variety of add on solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. As your business grows and evolves, we grow with you, giving you a helping hand in all the right places. 

What we can do for you
3 ways we’re here for you

Account Software Setup
and Training

  • Install and Setup – a customized Xero installation

  • Essential Training – Hands on instruction

  • Support – Optional maintenance and support

This is an opportunity for those who prefer a more hands on learning approach to their transactional bookkeeping and management. First, we will get you set up in Xero accounting software, and clean up any and all bank and credit card balances. Once your business is completely set-up, we will sit together for a two hour, hands on training session where you will learn how to manage your organization’s bookkeeping, which include but aren’t limited to, how to reconcile, set up and sync new accounts, pull your financial statements & reporting, create and send invoices directly from Xero, and any other skills needed to properly maintain your bookkeeping with consistency. Afterwards, and if needed, we offer ongoing support for a nominal fee until you can walk away confidently managing your organization’s day to day accounting

Ongoing Accounting
and Strategic Planning

Time is money and the fact of the matter is, you simply do not have enough of it to manage your organization’s bookkeeping. If you’ve reached this point, albeit potentially cumbersome, it’s a great problem to have.

If left in the very capable hands of the CV Ledger, this is an opportunity for us to partner closely with you to to not only manage your day to day financial transactions and bookkeeping, but to help you utilize your existing business data to gain better insights so that you can make more informed decisions around building a sustainable business for the longer term.

Once we’ve confirmed your accounting set-up and any historic clean-up required to get your organization completely caught up, we will meet monthly or quarterly to review your financial statements, budgets and account movement, so you stay financially informed and on track.

Strategic Planning
and Consulting

In today’s world, the collection of your business data may hold the power to write the next chapter in your business story. Why not utilize this wealth of knowledge to inform and create a stronger roadmap for your business? Though we may not necessarily be your accounting & bookkeeping firm of record, there still lies a great opportunity to collaborate on building a strategy that enables your business to level up, using insights and analytics that may already live at the core your business, but you haven’t yet fully explored.

Over the course of several sessions, we will work together to crunch the necessary numbers and analyze insights gained to determine the next best steps in determining your business strategy, so you can get closer to reaching those goals. This is what we call true strategic planning.